What You Post on Social Media Says a lot About You

The photos that we upload on the web reflect our thinking, secret desires and hidden complexes. Most of the time, we upload something without thinking but the world judges you from your selection.

Tapoos has analyzed different pictures uploaded by people on social network. Check out what people have been thinking about you.


Selfies in the mirror, front camera selfies, fit chicks and others reveal that they want approval from the world. They are high on vanity, self-centeredness, and narcissism.


Hot pictures outlining your body curves in the most attractive manner and duck face with pout lips indicate a message to the viewers that you are a women open for experiment. Think whether using your body as an inducement, is the right way to sell yourself online.


These people demonstrate their relationship and depict the fact that their love is true bondage and long term. In a manner, they try to tell the world, that they are loved and are not alone because somebody appreciates their existence. Perhaps they have a hidden motive to show their exes and unfortunate friends that they have found somebody.


You indicate loneliness and inner emptiness from your pictures of friend parties and group shots showing fun and joy. It also reveals the idea of belonging to a certain group and how it flatters your self- importance.


If someone uploads their own childhood photo then it’s an indicator that they are tired of being all grown up. It screams, “Take me back to those days”.

Whereas, sharing pictures of your kids or photos along with children show parenthood along with how this change in life means so much to you.


If you share pictures of wild life being a photographer then it’s just an indicator of your professionalism. Yet setting profile picture as a lion, cheetah or tiger depicts the desire for strength and boldness, which in reality you don’t have.

Women on the other hand post cute pictures of animals, such as rabbits, kittens and puppies, which reflect their sentimental and immature personality.


Other than being a photographer, landscape photos identify a person who is satisfied with his or her life. Usually such people are successful in life and now they want to admire nature. Yet it is also an indicator of exhaustion from everyday life and shows the desire for peace and privacy.


Glamour photos reveal narcissist personalities and they are looking for compliments and nice comments. This is one of the reason to consider ones self-esteem and various ways to grow it, not relying on the virtual world and its likes.


There are people who upload travel pictures to underline their social status or gain attention for it. Such photos mean, “See where and how I am relaxing myself”.

On the other hand, these photos are an association to the emotions and feelings associated with the trip and prove to be material evidence for it.


Such photos are a way to make an announcement of your success either desired or imaginary; these pictures depict a certain social status and proclaim that life is great.


People who share photos of food from restaurants try to promote themselves for social self-promotion and self-affirmation. If these pictures are from a homemaker or woman on maternity leave, then this a aspiration to show that the life she is living as equally good as others and things in the kitchen are just as interesting as in the offices, in negotiations, festivals and at conferences, etc.


Masculine qualities are depicted from life-threatening photos like conquering peaks, parachute jumps and holding snakes. Yet these extreme selfies also hide the persons need for recognition, the attention seeking need and feeling alive.


The accounts owner apparently seems to be self-ironic and self-confident because it takes a lot of courage to upload an “abnormal” photo of one’s own self, especially if it is a woman. Maybe this person only laughs to hide the sadness in his eyes.


Photographs in the offices formal setting means that professional life means a lot to this person. The job status and being a figure in the society is clearly important to such a person. It says, “I’ve been career focused and today I hold a position”.


I don’t want to look non-standard, shouts the personality of the person who posts such photos. They have a special aesthetic flair and creative nature.


These people accept and portray themselves as exactly they are. This notion is also applicable to all those, who don’t change profile pictures so often (usually continue for several years) and hence it shows their stable views, less desire to show off and receive likes and comments and moral maturity.

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