These Are The Reasons Why Every Girl Is Ignoring You

Most of the boys find it difficult to fathom “Why don’t girls like me?”

Believe me; the reasons are not complicated, but the truth may hurt you. To attract more girls, just change yourself. I don’t ask you to change into something; you’re not. Just transform into a better version of yourself.

Here I’ve compiled explanations for “Why girls don’t like you?” Just read it and if you identify any of these, you’ll be a step closer in making that girl yours.

1. Guys with a negative attitude.

1. Guys with a negative attitude. 

Are you the one who….

Cribs about your life and asks people that why don’t girls like you?

You always complain about these things?

Pays more attention on the things that you lack? (money, six-pack, looks)

Do you think any girl will want to hang out with you?

Guys, girls don’t like hanging around with negative people, who can put them in a shitty mood, rather she’d love to be with the person who can boost her spirits.

2. Lifestyle

2. Lifestyle 

Is your life full of fun, thrills and excitement? Do you always look for new experiences to groom yourself? In short, do you live a kick-ass life?

If you live a great life…

If you live a great life.....girls would always want to be the part of it. You don’t have to be rich to live a great life. If you spend your days playing video games in boxers, girls will be eager to join in.


4. Confidence

Confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.”

Girls like confident guys but too much of it can screw-up things.


5. Appearance 

Are you presentable? Do you focus on self-grooming? Are you self-conscious? Because a girl will check all of these things before, she hits on you.

Bottom line

Bottom line 

We all judge people by their physical appearance, I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong, but pretty girls do. So, just put on some glad rags and improve your flaws at attracting a woman.

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