Stupid Mistakes Men Make Over and Over Again With Women

Boys Are Stupid

Look guys. We love you. We want you and some of us even want to end up with you. But, I have to break it to you: You are so stupid sometimes. We know that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but maybe you could try to learn what women want? Maybe just try? And I don’t want you to think that this article is all about women ragging on men. It’s not. Think of it more as a helpful guide to improving your interactions with the opposite sex. Pretty neat, right?

Cool. Now that we’re all on board, let’s take a look at some of the biggest mistakes men make over and over and over and over again. (And over and over and over…too much? Okay, moving on.)

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Trying To Buy Her Love

Women love little gifts, so I am not telling you not to buy her flowers. I am not telling you to never ever buy her a present again. What I am telling you is to not try to buy her love. If you shower her with gifts and that is the only thing you are really offering, it is fine for now but it isn’t going to end up working out in the long run. She will end up expecting more gifts and you will end up broke. Also, the best love is free.

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Trying To Make Her Like You

Sorry to break it to you, guys, but despite what rom-coms tell you, that girl you have fancied for 10 years is probably not going to suddenly fall head over heels in love with you. Sure, it happens, but it’s rare.

Most of the time, you either click or you don’t. If you keep trying to impress her or keep showering her with praise, it is going to come off desperate and sad. You will know if she likes you for you, so stop trying so hard. If you are exhausted, that means that it probably isn’t meant to be.

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Saying Too Much Too Soon

You have been dating for a week and you already said “I love you.” Whoa buddy! Slow down! Stop trying to build a relationship overnight. You are going to scare her off before you even had a chance.

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Revealing Too Much About Their Past

She doesn’t want to know all about your ex and what went wrong from day one. Let her get to know you and learn little by little what is wrong with you. If you tell her that you have commitment issues and live a life of regret from day one, she is going to run for the hills. Actually, maybe you should tell her so she can get out ASAP!

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Being Too Afraid To Approach Women

You want to go talk to her, but you just don’t have the balls to do it. Well, guess what? She may really want to talk to you too but she wants you to make the first move. Women want to be courted, so don’t miss an opportunity because you are scared.

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Making False Assumptions

“She’s out of my league.”

“She probably has a boyfriend.”

“She probably wants a guy with money.”

Don’t make false assumptions. You never know what she is looking for and it can’t hurt to just go for it and see for yourself. What have you got to lose?

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Waiting For Approval

“Can I Kiss You?”

No no no no no NO NO NO NO noooooo nooooooooooo. Never again. Got it? NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN. You will know if she wants to kiss you so just go in. Don’t blow it!

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Being Mr. Nice Guy

If you are too nice, she is going to walk all over you. Take care of her, but take care of yourself too. Don’t just say yes because she wants to hear it. It takes two to tango and you need to be happy in this relationship too. It has to be fair.

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Putting Themselves In The Friend Zone

If you set it up that you just want to be her buddy, good luck to you. It is almost impossible to get out of the friend zone. Let me tell you what is going on on the other end. You befriend her and she spends the next few weeks wondering what you want from her. Then you never make a move and she assumes that you want to just be friends. She gives up and moves on. You blew it. Done. Make it known from day one what you are looking for! Own that ish!

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Trying To Make Love 24/7

She doesn’t need to look into your eyes and swoon every time you guys have sex. I know you are trying to make her happy, but women like to have some fun in the sack too. Stop being so lovey dovey and get to it.

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Trying To Play It Cool

You don’t want to seem too available or too needy, so you play it cool. Then you are never available enough and she thinks that you aren’t interested. You have no idea how much women over-analyze everything. If you are into her, just be yourself and stop playing games. We are too old for it.

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Blaming Everyone But Yourself

“She was crazy!”

No, she wasn’t crazy. You MADE her crazy. Sure, your exes may have had faults here and there, but you need to recognize your own too.

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Being Too Aggressive

When we are out at a bar with our girlfriends, sometimes we want to check out guys and sometimes we are just out for a girl’s night. Don’t just assume that we are there to hook up. Come in, test the waters and see where we are at before you just dive in. You may think that you are the coolest guy in the world, but if you are being annoying and pushy, it’s never going to happen.

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Not Picking Up Hints

Please try to pick up what we are putting down. If you just listen and look for clues, you will know if we want to kiss you. You will know if we aren’t interested, or if you are in the friend zone. Don’t make it awkward for everyone by just doing what you want without really thinking it through.

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