Science Finds out How Your Body Knows Who’s “The One”

It is a very renowned fact that you get butterflies in your stomach when you see the ‘’special one’’. The science has also proven that is it not just the stomach or your heart but, there are significant signs. So, you can evaluate if the person you are dating currently is actually the one. Every time you are around someone you love, there are certain reactions given by the body as well.

Here we will teach you about the basic rules through which you can see if the person in your life is actually “the one” who is also in your heart.

This is the kind of information that a doctor would not be able to give you. However, your body can. It will give you signs when you meet that person.

Feeling warm and comfortable is a very important aspect and clue through which you can assume if you are dating or interested in the right person. The person you love will make you feel warm about him as good relationships are all about warmth and comfort. However, if you feel cold around him or her, you must reconsider your decision of relationship.

There is no chance of being depressed or unhappy around that person. However, if you feel so then it means that you are with the wrong person. Feeling happy and positive towards life is the most important element of a happy and special relationship.

You feel happy and motivated all the time with your right partner. His company brings in positive vibes and attitudes in you. You tend to be more productive due to the support and motivation you get.

You are comfortable to be yourself around him. There is no need of fake actions or control your nature. The ideal partner will never judge you for who you are and accept you just the way you are.

There is another revelation of science that if the scent of someone makes you feel happy resulting in the evocation of feelings and emotions. It means you have succeeded in finding someone special.

The special one also makes you feel healthy and motivates you to adopt a healthy life style so that you can better a better and healthier person, as healthy body is essential for healthy mind.

The sixth sense although does not have much validation in scientific world but you cannot also deny. You can have strong gut feelings or intuitions about the one and the right person for you.

One way through which you can see that the special one has come in your life is by measuring the level of empathy you feel for him. You cannot see him in any pain or sorrow.

You will feel strong connection when you cuddle the person. It is a sign of mental compatibility and shows you are heading in the right direction.

When he is around, you will feel more relaxed and calm. The soothing effect is a physical sign that you both belong to each other.

Your body remembers the sensations given by that person even if he is not around. A true relationship gives you strong and long-term feelings.

You will feel instatiable need to be around him. You will have a sense of longing not only in your heart but also in your body and mind.

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