People Who Were Born Anytime After The ’90s Just Won’t Get Any Of These

Go Away, You Youngins

If you were born in the 2000s, you won’t understand anything on this list. Literally, nothing. So just leave, okay? This article isn’t for you. It’s for all my fellow ’90s kids (and hey, even ’80s kids, because you’ll appreciate these things too). So if you want to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the most quintessential ’90s things, keep reading, because we’ve got some good ones for you.

Like the classic blow-into-your-video-game trick. In the ’90s, everyone knew that blowing into your Nintendo game was the only way to make it work. We are still not sure if that really did anything, but we would still do it today if we had the opportunity. That is some high-tech stuff right there. Today’s kids really don’t know the struggle. They’re all upset when bad WiFi slows down their iPad games. Chill out, kids! At least you don’t have to physically blow into your games to make them work. That was a struggle only ’80s and ’90s kids had to experience.

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The Discman

You thought that the Walkman was the coolest in the world. Then the Discman blew the Walkman out of the water. What could be cooler than being able to play your CD as you walked around? Nothing. You thought that it couldn’t get any better than that! Sure, if you bumped into something, the disc would skip a bit, but that’s no biggie! You were so freaking cool, and nothing could bring you down. Because as long as you had your Discman and a CD, you always had 12 songs to listen to on repeat!

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Floppy Disks

No, this isn’t just a physical version of the “save” button, you young babies. It’s a good old fashioned floppy disc.

Isn’t it sad that kids these days will never have the chance to slide that little metal thing back and forth? They were floppy and fun to play with and they were way harder to lose than a disk drive. RIP floppy disks.

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Way Before Texting

Way before texting, we wrote each other notes. We had crazy folding techniques and we used different colored pens depending on who we were writing too. We drew pictures and doodled and it was so much more personal than sending a “sup” text. Kids these days are really missing out.

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French Toast Crunch

If you were a kid in the ’90s, then you have to remember French Toast Crunch! Well, I have some good news for you! You can buy it on Amazon. The bad news is, it will cost you $12 a box.

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The Home Phone Cord

See, back in the day we had home phones. And these home phones had cords. These cords were long and they got tangled around everything and knocked things over. You could use them as a hurdle or play limbo with them. They were stupid but fun!

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Before GPS

Before we could Google an address or use a GPS, we had to use a map. I know it sounds insane when you think about it. Then if you got lost, you had to stop and ask for directions. It was a whole thing and it was horrible.

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Before Unlimited Was A Thing

When we finally got cell phones, they were expensive AF. They were free after 9, so we were only allowed to make phone calls after 9. If we made them before that, we would get grounded. So, it was pay phones during the day, cell phones at night.

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The OG Fidget Spinner

Oh, you think you are so cool with your fidget spinners? Well, we had this rad bird thing way before you had that dumb toy. We also had Koosh balls and slap bracelets, so try to beat that!

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Using A Cassette Tape

Before CDs we had these things called cassette tapes. Using a cassette tape was hard work. If you wanted to rewind or fast forward them you needed a pencil and some arm muscle. It was exhausting.

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Organizing Our Music

Kids these days have no idea how good they have it. Not only did we have to buy one CD one at a time, but then we had to carry them around with us if we wanted to listen to them. We had these huge bulky CD books and this was only some of the music we owned.

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When MTV Showed Music Videos

MTV stands for Music Television because when MTV was first a channel, they played mostly music videos. I know it’s hard to believe. Our parents would only let us watch for an hour a day though because some of the videos were inappropriate and they were afraid that it would rot our brains. Now we have reality television and everything has gone to hell.

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A Scratch On Your Favorite CD

A scratch on your favorite CD was the end of the world. There was really no real way to fix it. You would have to listen to the CD with a scratch over one of your favorite songs or you would have to buy the CD again.

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Blockbuster And Chill

Wow! What a difference. Blockbuster video!

Before Netflix and chill, we had Blockbuster and chill. You had to get off your lazy ass, go to the store and pick out a video. We thought it was cool and fun. Little did we know that Netflix would change the game. But Netflix doesn’t have popcorn waiting for you when you check out, does it?

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The Birth Of The IPod

And then Apple changed everything and we were introduced to the iPod. Then we carried our phones and we carried our iPod everywhere we went. It was annoying, but we didn’t know that because it was still better than carrying around that stupid Discman.

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