My mom says that I should be an engineer

Quite often it happens that you have to repair or do something but the right tools are not at hand and it is at that moment when what many would call “domestic engineering” or “productive malice” comes to light, a science that knows no boundaries or shame .

The creations, fruit of these moments of creative lucidity are so peculiar that in some cases you do not know whether to laugh or cry.This really is a good idea. Even better when you put an envelope instead of a piece of paper.

They were told they did not know what it was to travel comfortably. They were wrong

Have you seen how clean the dishes were?

Now it is sure that they will turn off the light when leaving.

Preparing for the holidays at sea

Compass have you said? Who needs it?

Here is the weakest link, and what a weak link it is.

You know, a plasma is what’s hot.

A more natural defense

That’s it, I think this will suffice. And to think that millions are spent on engineers …

This is also a good idea to dry the shoes. Really

What to do if there is a spider on the wall? Step # 1: grab it and run.

“And you told me it would not fit … You crouch a bit and go, everything solved”

If the party is not going to you, take it with you

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