10 Tricks that will help you understand dogs

Understanding the signals your dog gives you with your body is the fundamental condition for a fully harmonious relationship with your four-legged friend.

Genial.guru prepared 15 illustrations that will help you understand what your pet wants or a dog you see on the street. Read and be friends with the dogs because they are a source of tireless joy.

Beat the tail pointed down

If a dog slowly moves its tail, it does not understand what is happening and asks what it is that you want from it. If a dog quickly moves the tail pointed down, accept that you are the one who commands.

Lightly flap the lifted tail up

The dog challenges your authority because he considers himself in charge in this situation.

Tuck the tail between the hind legs

Indicates that the dog is scared, fears that they will hurt him or feels uncomfortable. If there are no obvious reasons to worry but your pet puts its tail between its legs often, you have to take it with a veterinarian.

His eyes are very open and attentive

In this way the dog wants to call your attention. He challenges you and expects you to respond firmly.

Squint and blink

This does not mean that the dog is ready to play. However, if you squint your eyes often, you may have an allergy or other illness and you have to take the hairy with a specialist.

For your ears or bend them forward

Thus the dog shows his curiosity and reacts to some new event in his environment.

Stick your ears to your head

This gesture means that the dog is afraid. Sometimes dogs can only have one ear drop, usually left. This shows that he is on the defensive with people he does not know or that cause him fear.


It is a sign that the hairy is irritated or nervous. Puppies often do when they are surrounded by adult and unknown dogs. However, if the dog begins to yawn after its owner does, it means that it is very attached to it.

He licks his snout

The dog behaves like this when he is stressed, feels pressure or danger.

Show your teeth but do not growl

So the dogs defend their territory. Many times they behave like this when they eat.

He lies on his back and shows you the belly

In this way the dog shows confidence and wants to make you happy. If you caress him in the belly at that moment, you praise him for his behavior.

Put your head on your knee

So the dog attracts your attention and says he needs you. Also the pet can touch the hands of the owner with his nose giving him to understand that he wants to be petted.

Put a leg on your knee

If this gesture is done with a defiant look, the dog wants to dominate you. Dog tamers at those times recommend looking the dog in the eyes and remove the leg from your knee.

Raise your front leg

By adopting this position, the dog reflects some request. Maybe he’s hungry or wants to play. Sometimes dogs, especially hunter races, behave like this when they notice something interesting.

He turns his back

So the dog shows that you have confidence.

It shakes

When shaking the imaginary water the dog shakes the tension.

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